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welcome to Team '24

You are epic. Your photos should be too.

Editorial Senior Photography Scottsdale Arizona

let's get real

Your senior year should be a really fun experience that you'll never forget, and will cherish for a lifetime!

Your authentic real self in photos.  In high school, you've probably worn a lot of hats: a student, an athlete, a musician, an activist, a gamer... the list goes on and on! Team '24 is an opportunity to explore and highlight all of those areas that are important to you through multiple sessions, not just one.  This also allows you the opportunity to get photos that will meet the expectations of everyone you'll be sharing them with.  We will get the "traditional" shots of you glowing in your outfit, but we'll also allow you to get other sessions that are more authentic and true to your personality.

Develop real connections.  Your photos can be more than just an individual session! Our rep program is an opportunity to bond with friends, and meet some new ones along the way.  We have themed team sessions throughout the year that are super fun, totally unique, and will be keepsakes for life!  This is a chance to play dress-up with your best friends and look great doing it!

We'll also prep you for the real world.  All of our sessions are fun, but they actually will also set you up for success as you enter adult-hood.  We offer mentored group shoots that include guest speakers who are subject matter experts in their related field who can teach you important life lessons, followed by a session that fits the theme.

Twins posing for their Senior Photos with Phoenix Family Photography


So much more than just photos...

Individual Growth

Parents, make no mistake about it, the Team '24 Program has a strong focus on building self-esteem, mental health and physical health. We are a body positive group and encourage all graduating seniors to apply! 

We are all unique and our differences are what make us beautiful.

Lasting Relationships

Everything is more fun when your friends are involved.  We have 10 different themed shoots that students can participate in with their friends! Come play dress-up in the desert and root each other on as you slay in front of the camera.

Join with your friends or as an individual and build lasting connections you'll treasure forever.

Adulthood 101

Five of the group sessions that we offer also involves an educational component that will serve students well in their future lives.  We invite guest speakers to speak to students about the following topics (followed by a photo shoot matching the theme of the topic). Mentored themes include the following:

Self-Defense, Basic Finance for Young Adults, Body Positivity, Community Involvement, & Formal Etiquette

Gary VanDenBerg and high school senior model reps in Kona HI before a Luau

nice to meet ya!


I'm Gary

Hello!  My name is Gary and I am the owner of Phoenix Family Photography.  When I was a young kid, I always wanted to be a photographer and to make "pretty pictures", little did I know that as time and experience in this field has gone on, my real joy today would come from seeing the impact my photography has had by helping young people to see themselves in a way that they never otherwise thought possible. 


It's truly an honor to see how many people I have been able to "build up" through the power of my photography, and I invite you to be the next person who can benefit from joining the Team 24 Program! 

Our 2016 Model Team in Kona, Hawaii before attending a Luau

kind words

I wanted to thank you on a sidenote I think it has really helped boost her confidence which has been some thing she has struggled with in life so thank you for supporting. Thank you so much for creating lasting memories! I know she has enjoyed it and it has helped with her self-confidence, so you're a healer in different ways :)

A High School Senior Posing in a meadow with mountains in the background.  She is wearing a taupe skirt and cream colored blouse.



Team '24: Gettin' 'Digi' with it

There are so many ways to enjoy your photos.  In addition to gorgeous archive quality heirloom prints, we distribute your photos through an online Gallery that will grow as you participate in more sessions.  We even have an app that you or your parents can download that shows off your favorite photos!

A notebook, laptop computer and cell phone to show all the ways you can see photos by Phoenix Family Photography

here's what ya get


Choose between 4, 6, or 8 individual sessions which will all have different looks and themes to them.  Some that fit your parents' vision, and others that fit yours.  Everybody wins.




Access to two (one themed, one mentored), five (up to 3 mentored), or all ten Group Sessions to participate in, depending upon your plan.



All plans get access to a mini family photo session.  (30 mins)

If you split time between your parents, and need to have different sessions, no sweat.  I will include both :-)


Individual Sessions

A high school senior posing in a booth at the Sugar Bowl in Oldtown Scottsdale AZ


  • Multiple looks over multiple sessions.  This is where we place our focus solely on you.

  • Parents are highly encouraged and ALWAYS welcome to attend any of our sessions.

  • Multiple outfits and locations permitted with each session.  

  • Each session is 1 hour long

  • Quantity of sessions depends upon plan you choose.

  • We encourage you to get both "traditional" style photos as well as editorial style photos that show off your personality!

  • If you have a BFF you want to include in one of your solo sessions, that is permitted even if they aren't part of Team '24.

solo sessions

Carson and Ella posing in a night time themed shoot by Phoenix Family Photography

group sessions

Themed Group Shoots


  • Urban Legend (just like Carson and Ella featured here): Rooftop Garages, cityscapes, back alleys, wall murals... anything that shows you off in the city with your friends. 

  • Country Chic: The total opposite of the above!  We'll be keepin' it country on this one with plenty of Cody Johnson playing in the background.

  • Home for the Holidays: We'll be celebrating with plenty of lights hot cocoa and holiday cheer to ensure you all have the cutest pics in the valley!

  • College T-shirt day!  Whether you're headed to the Dirty T or keeping it closer to home, or headed far away... come represent your new school!

  • Boho Vibez: Get your inner hippie on and get ready to pose in the desert with a decorated VW bus, totally groovy.

Mentored Sessions

An editorial styled headshot of Karesha Phelps by Gary VanDenBerg


  • FIGHT CLUB: Learn self defense moves with a certified professional trainer.  Following the session, we'll be shooting you looking all tough in your active-wear.  Rocky meets Modeling in this session!

  • CLASSY & COUTURE: You will participate in a dinner involving several courses and will learn all about formal etiquette. Come dressed in your Junior Prom gown, or similar for a super Couture designer dress session during and after the class.

  • YOUNG & PROFITING: This is an intro into personal finance for emerging adults taught by a certified financial planner. This session follows with business-style headshots that will be perfect for a Linked-In or Resume profile pic!

  • MODEL CITIZEN: Group participants will decide on a charity or organization of their choice to volunteer at, and we'll be photographing it.  Good for the resume, great for the soul!

  • AUTHENTICALLY-U: A lesson on self-acceptance, self-confidence and appreciation for all of the things that make you, you.  The class transitions then into information about the modeling industry, including how to runway walk, and how to navigate finding the best modeling agency that fits your needs, if that is a path you want to consider.  We'll be photographing you as you make your little turns on the catwalk!

mentored sessions

Model, Licensed coach, and certified counselor, Karisha Phelps, "KP" will be teaching our "Authentically-U" Mentored session discussing her personal struggle and eventual embrace of her personal struggle with alopecia.  She also will be teaching runway walking & discuss working with model agencies. 

I met so many people and had such a good time working with Gary.  I love my photos and I have great memories from all of our different shoots.


what they're saying

Gary is so fun to work with!  I didn't even mind all of his super cheesy dad jokes, and my pics are exactly what I was hoping for!


One of my friends asked me to join Team '22 with her, and I am so glad I did.  The pictures are amazing and the program ended up being way better than I had even imagined.



our intro package



  • Up to 4 individual sessions

  • Two Group sessions (one from our themed sessions, one from our mentored sessions)

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Family Photo Session

  • $200 Print Credit


most popular



  • Up to 6 individual sessions

  • Six group sessions (up to 3 may be mentored)

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Family Photo Session

  • $300 Printing Credit

most exclusive



  • Up to 8 individual sessions

  • Access to all group sessions

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Family Photo Session

  • 25% off all printed products

  • Paid Internship Opportunities

  • $500 Printing Credit


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How long is a session?
    Most family sessions include up to two hours of time. Some families do not need even close to that amount of time, while other families fill it up. There is no price change for sessions that are shorter than 2 hours or slightly over 2 hours.
  • How many outfits and locations do I get?
    Your session is only limited by time. We do not charge for different "looks" which can include location or outfit changes.
  • How many photos will I get?
    We actually let you see and keep ALL of the photos from your session, even the "Bloopers". Unless I have shots with my lenscap on, or it's just too blurry to be able to salvage it, you get to see, keep, download and print your images. We like to give our customers the autonomy to be able to decide for themselves which photos they want. Included with each session, there is also at least a $200 Professional Retouch Credit. We charge $20/photo for Professional Retouching. This means the first 10 photos you select for re-touching are free! Be sure to check out our FAQ on editing for more detailed information about our editing process.
  • Tell me everything I need to know about editing
    We distribute your gallery online and we include all of your images that we take from your session. We present your images to you in two different formats. The first is the "raw" version, which are images that display the photo as it was recorded in the camera. All of our "raw" images are pre-calibrated for best possible exposure, highlights, shadows and more. The other format we present is a "filtered" format, which features a custom in-house filter that helps to provide the images increased contrast, warm earthy-tones, and gorgeous skin tones while still maintaining respect for greens and blues, which so many contemporary photographers edit out. Other than being filtered, the images are straight out of camera and do not address things like blemishes or distractions, e.g. a car or people in the background. We offer two types of editing services, and we allow you to pick the photos you would like for us to edit. The two types of editing services we offer are "Professional Retouching" and "Advanced Editing". Professional Retouching should be selected whenever you only need blemish removal, teeth whitening, stray hair removal, and color or temperature adjustment. Professional Retouching is $20/photo. Sessions vary, however, most sessions include a $200 Professional Retouching Credit, making your first 10 selections free of charge. Advanced Editing should be used whenever you need anything outlined in Professional Retouching PLUS any of the following: background editing or removal (such as distractions and/or green-screen), headswaps (great for toddlers who are smiling one moment and pouting the next), braces removal, opening eyes, body shaping, or anything else not outlined in Professional Retouching. Advanced Edits are $40/image and we do not include a credit for them in our session fees.
  • How many prints do I have to buy after the session?
    That is entirely up to you. All of our sessions include a print release which allows you to print whatever you want wherever you want. We DO offer printing services, and the craftsmanship of our products is truly amazing, however, we are not competitive with online or big-box stores which can offer better prices for lower quality prints.
  • Where do you guys operate?
    Phoenix Family Photography operates in Phoenix, and all of the surrounding areas. If you want to work together in Maricopa County, AZ, then we are more than happy to work with you and do not charge mileage or gas fees for anywhere within the County. Beyond County lines, we will send you a quote in advance of booking your shoot so that you know what to expect. Some of the popular Maricopa County jurisdictions that we have worked include: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Goodyear, Ahwatukee, Avondale, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Litchfield Park, Surprise, Peoria, Cave Creek, and beyond! If you need an indoor studio session, we have contracts with a wide variety of photography studios that are scattered throughout the county, and we will typically choose the one that works best for you. Frequently there is no added charge for you to utilize one of our studio locations. Finally, you should know that I also own and operate a full time studio in Colorado as well. So if you see some photos featuring snow-capped Rockies, that's why!
  • How long will it take me to get my photos?
    We ask for 10 business days. We will email you a gallery link to you on or before this timeframe.
  • How do I select my edits & how long do they take?
    For non-weddings, we ask that you submit your edits via a workorder. The link to the workorder form along with instructions will be included in your email when we distribute your gallery to you. We ask that you submit your edit requests within 30 days of receiving the gallery and allow us up to 30 calendar days to complete, depending upon how many you need and the complexity of the job.
  • There is a watermark on my photos, how do I get it off?
    The watermark goes away when you click "download" underneath your desired photo. The watermarked photos are not high resolution, and we want you using the best photos possible instead of screen shots or downloads!
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