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Matt Niederer Senior Photos

Basha High School Class of 2024 Senior, Matt Niederer Senior Pics by


I recently had the opportunity to work with my very first High School Senior from Basha High School, in Chandler, AZ. Matt wanted a short, simple, no-nonsense photo session that would satisfy mom, but also make him look cool at the same time. I am super proud of the images that we were able to capture at Veteran's Oasis Park, near our mutual sub-division, Sun Groves, in Chandler, AZ.

In addition to his #capandgown featuring #BashaHighSchoolColors, Matt also went for an all black mono-chrome look that was sleek, and handsome. Indeed, 'black' is the new black!

Post graduation, Matt is going to attend a local college to work on his prerequisites, while also pursuing a career in the aviation industry. I have no doubt Matt is going to FLY far and fast on his new journey into adulthood!

If you like Matt's #HighSchoolSeniorPhotos and would like to book with Phoenix Family Photo, please be sure to reach out! You can find most information on my website, but if you'd prefer to talk, please text my business line at 602-747-1411 to arrange a time we can talk and discuss options!

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