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Wondering where to shoot? Check out our Phoenix Location Guide ft. 10 of our favorite spots!

Updated: Apr 30

Known for amazing sunsets, high mountain deserts, majestic mountains, and a thriving downtown metropolis, Phoenix (the 5th most populated city in the USA) has a wide variety of options and backdrops for you to be able to use for your session.

Our Phoenix Location Guide shows you our top 10 favorite places to photograph your family!

Respect our beautiful Sonoran Desert. Please always stay on trails, leave no trace, and pack out whatever you pack in.

Snag It: Grab Our Phoenix Location Guide

From majestic Saguraro's to towering city sky scrapers, we've included 10 different location ideas in our guide to help inspire you to find an example of what fits your aesthetic! Download our Phoenix Location Guide by clicking the button below.

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